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Cold Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Over a period of time cold water storage tanks, hot water cylinders, hot & cold water systems begin to form a build up of deposits such as scale and sediment within them. In accordance with your annual inspection and water samples your water systems may need to be cleaned and disinfected to guarantee clean, safe water is being provided throughout the building.

These works are usually determined with an annual cold water tank inspection or hot water cylinder/calorifier inspection and or water sample results.

In some cases cold water tanks visually may not show clear evidence of dirt, scale or sedimentary deposits, however, this does not mean that your water is deemed safe and fit for use – water system sampling will identify your systems water cleanliness – in the case that your sample results return poor and clean and disinfection should take place to remove the bacteria found within the systems and control measures should be put in place to help prevent and control the risk of an outbreak occurring.

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