Remote Monitoring

Cost effective! Effcient! No carbon foot print! No wasted man hours, remote temperature monitoring takes away the monthly temperature chore.

Legionella Remote Monitoring is a cost-effective, fully automated way to assist you in meeting HSE ACOP L8 guidelines. The remotely accessed, web-based system removes the need for monthly manual temperature checking. The technology incorporates the very latest in wireless remote technology, to provide a unique visibility of your water systems.

Transmitting Range

The transmitting data range from the Probe to the Gateway is an approximately 22km line of sight. The distances are reduced within buildings due to interference by the construction material.

Battery capacity

Low battery consumption design allows our batter to serve for in excess of 10 years. The battery is rechargeable complete with low battery alerts ensuring you never run out of power.


Our digital self-calibrating sensor with only 0.1°C degree heat loss gives you the most accurate temperatures for the life of the probe.

Temperature Triggered

The temperature triggered parameters set via the Remote Tech's software on install allows for compliance/non-compliance alerts to be sent directly to the customer.

Alerting System

Emailed alerts system notifying you of compliance/non-compliance, low battery, Probe/Gateway theft, Gateway unplugged, Probe fault & signal strength or loss of signal.

IP Rating

All Probes and Gateways are set within an IP67 case allowing them to withstand all conditions they are installed upon. Waterproof up to 1m and weatherproof.

Timed Temperature

Adjustable on request the timed temperature reading system will give you consistency throughout each day and give you a detailed insight into how your water systems are being used.


Remote Tech’s fast & efficient system allows an engineer to install and Probe or Gateway within minutes, spending less time on site and giving the customer piece of mind without intrusion.


All Remote Tech devices are certified by the CE (Conformité Européenne) marking within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Probe & Gateway Software

Emailed alerts, SMS/APP alerts, compliance emails, temperature data graphs, signal strength, battery life, Probe & Gateway status all at a glance.