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Legionella Sample Testing

Various types of water samples can be taken from a water system to ensure clean, safe water. A Legionella Sample is essential for any building’s water system. This will give clear evidence & proof that control measures are taking place within your building and or if Legionella is present within your building’s water systems.

Water system sampling within your building is essential to ensure that you are providing hygienically clean water to your end-users and ensuring that all of your staff, tenants & visitors are safe when using your water services.

If bacteria are found within your water systems, please revert to your risk assessment and your incumbent water treatment company for advice on the next steps to take in removing these bacterias from your water systems microbiological analysis from a UKAS accredited laboratory will define the hygiene of YOUR Buildings water systems supplied to YOUR staff, visitors & tenants.

How do you test for Legionella in the water?

Testing for Legionella is usually done by a trained professional by sampling the water. Legionella is isolated from the water by filtration and followed by acid or heat treatment. Then plated onto non-selective BCYE and a selective GVPC agar. There are several ways for testing legionella like GeneDisc kit, Quanti-Tray Legiolert, etc.

Do landlords have to do Legionella Testing?

Landlords are not required to obtain a “Legionnaires testing certificate” but there is a legal duty to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella. The law specifies if you rent out even a single room in your home, you have the legal responsibilities to keep the property safe of health hazards. For more details, you can visit

Who can do Legionella Testing?

Legionella testing should be done by a trained professional and it’s accomplished by culture in an accredited microbiology laboratory. However, any person with sufficient authority, competence, and knowledge can be appointed to carry out this operation if they are suitably trained, instructed and assessed.

Is Legionella testing a legal requirement?

Based on your location Legionella can be a legal requirement. For example in the UK legal requirement for a risk assessment is underpinned by primary health and safety legislation.

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