How much does a Legionella Risk Assessment Costs?

A Risk Assessment will cost in the region of:

  • £150-£400 for a small building such as household property or GP surgery, this will be dependent on the complexity of the water systems and size of building 
  • £401-£1000.00 for a medium-large sized building such a warehouse storage facility or 2-8 storey business office block and complexity of water systems
  • £POA buildings such as hospitals or pharmaceutical company buildings or large hotel chain building will be quoted on a 1 of basis due to the complexity and size of the buildings and its usage.

The steps for completing a site-specific Water risk assessment (WRA) are as follows:

Initial quotation clearly outlining the physical scope of the task at hand for the water risk assessment - this should include time to take the assessment, schematic included and turn around time of the physical document in an electronic or paper-based format.

Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) should be provided prior to the visit and completed on site at the time of survey and provided back to the client.

The Risk Assessor will arrive to site at his/her date and time previously agreed with the client and begin to complete the physical surveying of the water systems and assessing the risks that may or may not be present on each individual site - the way in which the site visit is completed on the day is down to each individual surveyors preference of structured start and end point - this will include gaining access to all areas of the buildings where the water is supplied from (the water sources such as water tanks, calorifiers and boilers) and where all water services are provided to such as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, communal toilets etc.

During the physical visit the risk assessor will ask to see the site water logbook and assess the competency of the individuals maintaining the water systems and the logging of all the maintenance tasks ensuring they are up to date and logged correctly and report back within the assessment.

They will also inspect the previous risk assessment (if this has been completed) ensuring all previous recommendations have been completed and the ongoing maintenance tasks are being completed and logged within the site water log book.


Once the physical assessment has been completed - Dependent on the company and software they are using, they will complete in two fashions:

  • Using notes and pictures they took from site they will physically write up from scratch upon their companies blank template


  • Using a software based application the writing up of the assessment and applying the photographs via the application that data captures all of the information from site and creates the final risk assessment document